Lyanda Lynn Haupt, best-selling author of Crow Planet,  once again blends a lyrical narrative with science, myth and memoir, drawing the reader into the secret worlds of the wild creatures that surround us in our daily urban lives. Urban Bestiary provides beautiful illustrations and practical sidebars on everything from animal tracking to opossum removal. You will not be able to help but connect with the nature around us more wholly and joyfully after reading this book. 

Urban Bestiary, Encountering the Everyday Wild by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

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  • PART I: Entering the Bestiary

    A New Nature, a New Bestiary

    It sounds like an urban myth, but it isn't. One day a lost coyote wandered into downtown Seattle. It was promptly discovered by a group of crows, who hate coyotes for their habit of preying on crow fledglings. The crows began to chase and dive-bomb the coyote, who, increasingly confused and disoriented, attempted to escape his tormentors by scampering, no one quite knows how, through the front doors of the Federal Building.  From there, ...