We've added some new scents to our Voyage et Cie candle collection. Along with our beautiful Neroli and alluring Santal Epicer, these scents have proven very popular from the moment they arrived in the shop. 

Los Angeles Marmont Lane: Bright and feminine with white flowers, ginger, citrus and tea.

Hamptons: Sexy, intriguiing, intoxicating black pepper, smoke cade enhanced by alluring notes of sandalwood. 

Deia de Mallorca: A warm, refreshing combination of white tea, ginger, thyme and white citron.

Cannes Vetiver: Spiced vetiver with a velvet undertone of exotic bergamot, sandalwood and leather. 

Eucalyptus: Fresh herbal Australian eucalyptus blended with cool menthol undertones topped with lemon oil. Perfect accompaniment to a hot salt or bubble bath!

New Candle Scents!